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Standing Firm In The Faith
Over the ages there are men that continue to stand true to both the message and the methods of God. One such man was Manley Beasley. In 1970 Manley was stricken with diseases that the doctors stated were terminal. He went from 210 Ibs to a meager 140 in a few short months. Practically every muscle in his body collapsed. Just before this occurred the Lord had begun to teach Manley how to live by faith

He recieved a Word from God

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The Walk Of Faith
The walk of faith began in earnest. For the next year his condition grew worse and he spent it in the Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas. His mission field for that year was the hospital. Believing that what God had promised He was able to perform, Manley continued to give the glory to God and ministered to people that the Lord sent in his path through the hospital. He knew when God was finished with him in the hospital that the Lord would raise him up and allow him to continue to minister. That year confined in the hospital God provided for the Beasley family and ministry as if he· were still traveling and preaching. For the next 20 years God continued to allow Manley to minister to people and share what he has learned about the walk of Faith.

He lived what he preached!

On July of 1990 Brother Manley went home to be with the Lord at the age of 58.

He Recieved The Promise
Even though he was not very old as we measure a life's span, he left behind a legacy of faith that was rarely seen in his generation. We pray that he will be honored and the Lord glorified by this attempt to share this legacy with all who would live a life of faith that is truly pleasing to God .

The Test Of Faith
There came a time when Manley believed the Lord gave him a choice of complete healing or daily healing. Manley chose daily healing because for him it was an act of faith that each day the Lord had to heal him to the point that he could get out of bed. During those years there were more confinements in the hospital, as well as trips to Europe and revivals all over the United States. He led Bible Conferences, revivals, and shared his personal testimony with others dealing with illness.

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